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Super cute!
ByKaishaon August 24, 2017


I grew up in Amarillo Texas in a home where my mother was an artist and taught art classes from our home. Art was always part of my life and I always had a pencil in my hand, looking for something to draw on. Believe me, that habit got me into a lot of trouble. My mother often had artist friends over to paint and I remember listening to conversations about perspective, color, center of interest and composition. I always expected to be an artist when I grew up.



Later, I wanted to develop my own style so I pursued a variety of mediums and studied with many teachers. When I discovered pastels, I knew I had found my path. I loved the vibrant colors and bold expressions that could be achieved. In Amarillo there lived an internationally known artist, Ben Konis, and I was so fortunate to have been able to be taught by him before his passing in 2006. His art is so striking to me and he is my biggest influence. I continue to learn from other artists whenever I can, also. I love painting and even when I’m not painting, I’m painting in my head.


Now I live in Colorado and my art is very influenced by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. I paint with lots of vibrant, bold color in my landscapes and portraits because I love the play of one color against another. There is no end to the color variety that can be chosen.


I welcome commissions and would love to hear any questions or comments you may have. Please enjoy the art!



Ellen is a wonderfully talented artist. She is always happy and easy to work with.

—  Cindy G


I grew up in Amarillo Texas.

Art was always part of my life.

I paint with lots of vibrant, bold color.

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